Training Romania is a center of excellence in management, sales and organizational development of Result Development Company.

Our partners frequently asked questions are:

  • - How to increase our productivity?
  • - How effective is our management?
  • - How to increase our sales?
  • - How to get a greater profit?

Our answers to your questions are the integrated development projects which combine research and consultancy with evaluating, training and coaching.

RESULT guarantee
For RESULT development projects, we financially guarantee the RESULTS.


We develop management projects in order to increase your business productivity and improve management effectiveness at all organizational levels: first, middle and top management.
The consultancy we are offering helps you improve strategic and process management.


We provide customized development projects meant to increase your sales and your profit.
We also offer you consultancy in sales system and sales management.


We develop projects focused on effective human resources strategy. We also implement modern human resources systems and organizational culture.

The solutions we find for you are unique, perfectly adapted to your business needs and strategic objectives.